Unfriendly bunch of Joburgers.

Joburg pic

Well known travel magazine Conde Nast[sic] has recently published a poll which ranked cities across the world according to their friendliness the number on one that list was the infamous Johannesburg.

I had several conversations about these findings with people living in the city there were probable as they were in disbelief reactions like “who conducts these surveys? Are they accurate?” “What were their standards?”

What was most also upsetting  to Joburgers was that the rival city Cape Town was ranked number 8 in the friendliest cities one would hear reactions like “But Cape Town is racist” I cannot disagree with that statement.

Since the release of the statistics whenever I see those sightseeing busses around filled with tourists I have to fight off the urge of waving like crazy to prove to them that we’re not that unfriendly. On the other hand it almost makes me feel rough like imagine telling someone you’ve lived in the unfriendliest city in the world for over 20 years that seems quite G to me.

I cannot comprehend how the conductors of the survey based our friendliness on the other hand our high crime rate was mentioned we are however working on that I have some hope in Riah Phiyega to help us lower the daunting statistics.

I have lived in the city all my life which might make me somewhat immune to the unfriendliness which goes on in our day-to-day activities.

I then took a moment and pondered to myself, should we really be that surprised? We may think we’re friendly but ask John the gardener, Sarah the tea lady, or even Sipho standing on the roadside with the big sign begging for lunch whom I commend for being witty


We have somehow decided that only certain people deserve our friendliness and sometimes even fake it. We pretend to be too busy to be friendly, which if you ask me is quite preposterous, and intentionally pretending to avoid certain acts of friendliness seems like a lot of hard work to me.

Ubuntu is a term South Africans embrace. It is defined as human-ness or humanity towards others being labelled the most unfriendly city leaves doubt in my heart of this beautiful notion and its ability to unite us. We are quickly losing the understanding of this idea classism has replaced the philosophy.

When we see an individual in need we simply lock the doors, turn of the lights or merely listen to the screams without doing anything about it. I wonder if one of Reeva Steenkamp’s neighbours had decided to go to the house after hearing the screams would have gone and enquired if everything is okay or even calling security requesting them to check would we be in a different scenario right now, possibly.

This endemic of being unfriendly is quite contagious, over the past more and more cases of road rage, violent incidences and we seem to be even more nonchalant about it than ever not realising the impact of sweeping such matters under the carpet, if it doesn’t affect me directly I just have a “moment” of sympathy then go about business as usual.

When a frog is put in a pot of hot water it immediately jumps out, but when is put in a pot with cold water and the water is gradually heated it accepts the water and keeps swimming not realising when the water is too hot the frog eventually dies never realising when it was supposed to jump out.

The legend  seems inhumane but it is to metaphoric let us not be that frog that doesn’t realise when its time to speak up against heinous activities around us, the time to speak is now the water is slowly becoming more heated.

Nelson Mandela once said that “No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”

We have learnt to be unfriendly and we can also learn to be friendlier as it comes more naturally to the human heart

Ubuntu is a notion which still has as much relevance in today’s culture as before, it is what makes us distinct as Africans it is something we should be able to practice whether you’re in a Gautrain or just train, whether you’re driving a Porsche or even the “drive a new car for R699”. It should resonate within us no matter the class we’re in.  



A term which describes the fear of blogging because of the fear of not making sense, rejection or merely not being able to keep up with the whole online environment

This has been how I’ve felt about putting anything up on my blog it has been stagnant for the past few months now I haven’t (until now) plucked up the courage to share my stories, opinions, fears about life in general.

I then think about a quote of Marianne Williamson ” Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?”

What gave me the courage to pick up my pen (figuratively) and start writing is that I have realised many of us are afraid to do what we want to do we always come up with excuses “Oh no I’m too young, too inadequate, too scared, not educated enough” the list is endless but my point is until we get up and try something we’ve always wanted to do. It doesn’t have to be perfect, if it comes from the heart its good enough even the great legends whom we admire had to start somewhere imagine if  Oprah at the age 32 said she would not do her show because she doesn’t feel adequate enough to be to be the first lady of talk, or if Beyonce thought her voice wasn’t good enough to be an artist.

The truth is they probably at times doubted themselves but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t shine our light up, and if it’s too bright for some tell ’em to put their shades on 😉

I most certainly do not want to go to the grave wishing I done some things but didn’t because of fear, at times you must just push it aside and find the courage to push through no matter how the situation seems to be against you, ” as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others”.

So I urge anyone reading this to think of something they so badly want to do and just ponder what’s standing in their way from doing it, if the excuse is fear or doubt in your ability then find the courage in you, find inspiration to do it no matter how enormous it may seem JUST DO IT!

see how you liberating yourself, liberates others if I have inspired at the least one person my work is done.

Thank you for the opportunity and if you may leave a comment good or bad I can stand criticism 🙂 stay blessed

Pay Day Acceptance Speech

​** steps on to stage clutching pearls in disbelief **

Thank you thank you ladies an gentleman how do you measure a lifetime?

Is it in the breaths you take or moments that take your breath away?

 Neither it  is receiving an SMS from FNB at 4 in the morning affirming that hard work pays off this past month has been rather long and tedious but today I raise my fist in the air exclaiming that I am  free

I have been tempted towards the end I had even started entertaining the idea of selling drugs  but now I am glad I didn’t succumb to such temptations.

I want to encourage all the children who dream of paydays of their own that one day it is possible in the words of Barack Obama “YES WE CAN!” 

I am now able to download videos and images people send to me without data woes 

I can share what I am eating to all those nosy mofos on social media 

I can go to Dubai 

Yes I am my own Blesser

Y’see brokeness (brokeism if you may) is a disease which eats up all your happiness leaving you with no opportunity of being a Moreki 

Though there were times I thought of giving up I carried on some occasions but patience is a virtue I have learnt 

Thanks to everyone who has supported me and continue to do so I will not disappoint you.

To the friends who took me out when there was not even R10 in my wallet

Y’all are my inspiration!

Until the next pay day ** *blows a kiss to the crowd and walks off the stage crying* **

Grammy 2017 Predictions

The greatest night in the music industry is upon us this weekend and I have the following predictions. 

Solange will get her first Grammy for best performance

Beyoncé will take away at the very least 5 of the 9 awards she is nominated for namely

Video of the year for the very first time.

Record of the year 

Best female album

Best Rock performance

Song of the year 

Album of the year as Lemonade is the most explicitly message-driven of the AOTY nominees,

Best newcomer is a toss between Chance The Rapper and 21 Pilots they both equally deserve it however only one will get iy

Rihanna hmmm I think I’ll pass on that one. 

Seriously though the girl from Barbados may surprise us as Anti is her greatest works yet

What I will find interesting is the number of Grammy’s Kanye and Drake will take home considering the fact that they are protesting against the show by not pitching up. Along with Frank Ocean but alas he wasn’t nominated he didn’t even submit


Now many thought this years Grammy’s would be a battle between Adelle and Beyoncé dearly beloved allow me to state facts and let you decide 

Beyoncé has 9 nominations Adele has 5 

Both have had their big nights winning 6 awards in 1 night which no other female has done either than them but Lemonade has a much more current feel dealing with several societal issues either than unresolved issues with your ex.

Adele sold more albums in 2016 and Lemonade is the best reviewed album of the year critics calling it a game changer.truly progressive as it embodies not only the variety Beyoncé has but also demonstrates how transcendent art can be


Beyoncé may open the show with possibly Sandcastles, All night or 6 inch 

Solange will be quite the  highlight

Lady Gaga will perform John Wayne as she released the video earlier this week

Katy Perry debut performance for her new single ‘Chained to the rhythm’ will be mediocrity at it’s best no shade intended but Katy Perry is known for a lot of things but performing isn’t one of them.
Grammy’s are infamous for their surprises I hope that they are fair in their decision making

Protecting your dreams

Always follow your dreams,
No matter how silly they appear.
When others push them away,
Just pull your dreams near.

Jon M Nelson
More often than not you have conversations on your aspirations and ideal life with people and this conversation can go in one of two different responses

Either the person will nod occasionally, offer well wishes and probably share their aspirations too.

And then sometimes,most times you will encounter what I call dream-crushers
They wince as if you have just announced bad news when you explain to them and they’ll tell you that
“sounds good, but. . . “
Now,dearly beloved when you hear that “but” do yourself a favour and either walk away or punch them in their face before they finish their sentence

This is because what they will say following that but is probably negative
If it isn’t negative you will apologise for punching them in the face and explaining to them that it was a suggestion on a blog you read

9/10 times they would tell you how impossible it is to achieve your dreams.
Not directly they aren’t even brave enough to do that instead they’ll point out the facts that you’re too young
or you need at least 10 years experience
or that you’re not educated enough
or it hasn’t been done before
There is an endless list as to why you cannot do what you want to do, or at least try

By the end of the conversation you the seed of doubt will be planted, and these seeds are like weeds (not weed) they occupy space which could be used for thoughts which actually work for your greater good, but instead they continue to grow unless uprooted.
They are invasive and may crowd out dreams and kill other dreams and aspirations one may have.

After a few of these conversations you will notice that you have a forest whole filled with seeds of doubt and when a forest is filled it becomes difficult for anything else to grow in it due to limited sun, water and natural resources which trees need to flourish, when you have a dream you are immediately engulfed with a ton of “what ifs”and reasons why it cannot be done and when that happens dearly beloved you too become a qualified dream-crusher.

Next thing you will find that you have lived a life filled with what ifs and such

Now, dearly beloved, do you understand why I told you to punch the dream-crusher before all this happens?
Proverb 4:23 Says “Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.”
Abeg do not let determine dream-crushers determine any course of your life.


Perfect Illusion Music Video Review


In anticipation of Lady Gaga’s new album Joanne, her new single Perfect Illusion is released and later a music video very different Lady Gaga comes through with a song that aspires to express heartbreak and she triumphs the charts with a classic disco record with rock elements

One cannot help but wonder if she is singing about her ex-fiancé Taylor Kinney, so I decided to called her up to find out ( and yes I do have Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta on speed dial, keep hustling and maybe you’ll end up like me:)
So I called her up and this is what she had to say
“This song is not a hit out against Taylor. He’s my best friend. This song is just about, I’m sure, not only feelings I’ve had but feelings he’s had, that my friends have had, and that my sister has in her relationship. It’s a record about all of us, and I would never use my song or want to use the public to hurt anyone that I love so much. . . . We’re just two people figuring it out.”

Stefanie my dear, if you’re going to pull an Adele (sing about your ex) on us the least you can do is be honest about it we can handle it.

The video is shot in a dessert in the Los Angeles area where she is seen among showing her swinging a microphone over her head as an ecstatic crowd cheers on her on as she gyrates around
She then drives a vehicle which I assume represents that “perfect illusion” she stops it abruptly seemingly upset and kicks dust I guess that represents the futility of everything that has gone on in in this illusion.

This video has been the most different video the Mother Monster has ever put out she is dressed differently going around in denim shorts and a tank even her hair could be considered “normal” this video is definitely a calmer version of what we’d normally expect of her.

‘Perfect Illusion’ feels like a natural evolution of her punk days while just slightly staying true to her melodic pop roots. The soaring dance-rock anthem shows the icon in a new light and allows her musical versatility to shine through many have said that It is not the usual pop which we have become accustomed to but, I really do not think it is fair to expect a true artist to be stick to what they know all the time there often comes a time in one’s life when you need to grow and see just how far your creativity can go.

To anyone expecting Joanne to be a pop album I will say that you will be deeply disappointed with collaborations with Florence Welch, Beck and Mark Ronson being the co-producer it will be a mixture of the Lady Gaga we have known as well as her as we have never known before, I cannot wait.

I also look forward to the “Perfect Illusion Tour” Or will it be the “Joanne Tour” whatever it is it will be absolutely incredible

Grammys 2016

The biggest event in the music industry has happened and here are some of my highlights from the night


What do you get if you mix Anna Wintour and colour blocking? yup Taylor Swift


If Ariana Grande’s hair could speak it would scream in a pitch louder than hers saying “No more ponytails”


That moment when the legal fees are so expensive that the budget for the dress has to be cut so drastically that you’re left with very little material to make the dress (I’m not laughing)


Florence Welch looked like she walked just out of a mystical story


Gaga gave a great tribute to Bowie


That is a map of Africa with the words Compton in case you’re confused cause I was slightly quite perturbed maybe I’m not enlightened enough
(great performance by the way)


Beyonslay at her best formation





Concussion: movie review

concussion ka will

A film based on a true story of a brilliant Neuropathologist Dr Bennet Omalu who discovers a football (not soccer) related brain trauma among former football players.

“God did not intend for man to play football” he pleads, as multimillion corporation the National Football League endeavours to silence and discredit his findings. Creating classic a David vs. Goliath recital

I rate the movie a 8 out of 10 as it is nearly impossible to critique negatively Will Smith and GuguMbatha truly leapt into foreign territory as they had to adopt a Nigerian and Kenyan accent, which can go terribly wrong as it did with Terrence Howard and Jennifer Hudson which left the real Winnie Mandela feeling insulted more than anything.

I can undoubtedly attest that Concussion helms one of Will’s best performances.Writer and Director Peter Landesman also managed to faultlessly entwine the emotional part of the journey of Dr Omalu with the greater message of the movie I do however wish some scenes were a bit longer like you’d be enjoying that moment and would feel it was over a bit too soon

What I find particularly interesting is the fact that football players continue to bang their heads against each other like rams during mating season, almost living in oblivion of the possible illness they may develop.

2015 A Year That Was

A new year is a time to reflect, so I thought this would be an ideal time to share lessons I have learnt in the previous year

We are all inextricably connected
Humanity above all is acknowledging our connectedness and how we all need each other, no one is here by mistake we’re all here with a divine purpose.
Also humanity is accepting that what separates us is fundamentally much less than what we have in common whether race, gender, class, sexuality or even religion it always weighs less than what we have in common.

It’s okay to fail
In life it happens relationships, school, businesses and even getting that summer body you thought you’d have by now it’s okay to miss the target. The important part is realising that you have come out of whatever it was stronger, fiercer and with much more fight in you than you can imagine, such situations aren’t supposed to define you, you’re much more than anything you’ve gone through.

Loving What Is
Inevitably we only ever suffer when we are not in accordance with the present one would either be beating themselves up about something that happened in their past or too concerned in what will happen in the future both these are accompanied with an unsurmountable amount of stress, when one lives in the moment nothing could possibly hurt you.

The Importance of Time
I don’t think this can ever be overemphasised time is an entity we are all given equally. What you do with your 24.5 hours will be the difference between being mediocre or great
Time contains all your energy and whatever you focus your energy expands, naturally what you spend time thinking, about will take a bigger part of you.

Whose business is it anyways?
In life there are 3 businesses really
My business
What will I do with my time today
Everyone’s business
What the Kardashians will do with their time today
God’s business
Everything we have no control over i.e death

When you’re not at peace and disturbed by something one should question entlek “who’s business am I in?”
If someone doesn’t like you that’s their business really and shouldn’t concern you.
The only business one has authentic power over is their own that is where the ability to change things truly lies.

Listen to yourself
The many mistakes I have made are mostly as a result of me not listening to myself, when I don’t listen that inner voice I find myself in situations that could’ve been avoided
Doubt means don’t
Trust yourself just a bit more.
More often than not we already know what to do, we just let anxiety get in the way of things.

Intention is everything!
This has been my WhatsApp status for a really long time because it resonates with me so much. When you have to do something ask yourself
“what is the intention of this? Does it align with my personality and ultimately my purpose?”
At times one finds themselves doing something they don’t really want to do but fear the rejection they’ll get if they say no.
When you are clear about the intention everything else falls in place.

Why #Beyday should be a holiday

I remember the 2003 when Beyoncé came onto the music scene as a solo artist, on the video of crazy in love in a white tank, denim shorts and stilettos and boldly asked us “you ready?” Lord knows I was never ready for what she would do.
And now 12 year later, 20 Grammy’s later, 5 albums later (which all débuted at no1) she reigns as the one who runs the world.

When I think back to that moment when I watched that video, something happened. a bond was created it may be difficult to explain in words but it kinda feels like when you wake up and realize you’re laying next to the love of your life, whom you will spend the rest of your life together with.
Beyoncé is not merely an individual she is a great force to be reckoned with. She not only inspires me but billions of people, to do better to fight for what you believe and do it looking flawless
When I find it hard to get up because I am discouraged I Beyoncé my way out of that space it could either be with a song of hers or a performance. That is enough for me to get up and fire me up.

She is undoubtedly the greatest performer of all time when I see her perform I think about how much effort she put in, and that nothing gets in her way from doing what she wants to do, she gives it 100% all the time. Imagine being in a state of mind where what you do is so important to you that at that point nothing else matters.

Beyoncé has played an integral role in the music industry, her contribution will never be forgotten as it cannot be undone, and she is a modern day legend
Therefore her birthday should be celebrated as a public holiday.
Tina Knowles deserves a Nobel peace for giving the world and Beyoncé and contributing to peace

Drunk in Love Parody

I’ve been studying, I’ve been studying
I get smarter when that knowledge get into me.
I’ve been thinking, I’ve been thinking
Why can’t I keep my fingers off my these books I wanna pass nana

Pencil on paper, pencil on paper.
Feeling like a nerd with all this studying happening
Flashing alarm, flashing alarm
You got me making, making notes
I wanna pass na na
Can’t keep my eyes off my end goal
Na na oh oooooooh

I woke up this morning saying
I need to know my stuff for the exams oh baby.
Studying in Love
I be all night yeah
Last thing I remember is all these chapters I was revising in that library
And everything I’ve learnt is gonna be in this paper, Oh I’ve studied.
Walking in that exam hall confident
I’m rubbing on my temples
If you scared call that invigilator
Then I fill up that coffee mug all the way then stir it with my teaspoon, teaspoon
Grinding on them books, grinding on them books
I’m passing all this modules

never tired, never tired
I’ve been sipping on that caffeine that’s the only thing that’s keeping me awake, me awake
Don’t mean to brag but ‪#‎TeamDistinction‬ is what I’m about
I want that degree right now
Can’t keep my eyes off my end goal
I’m gonna pass na na
I be all night
*music fading out*

+Author’s note i wrote this last year at around this time hope you enjoyed it